Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It may be snowing outside but the festivities continue inside.

The ice & snow continue to remind us that we are only half way through the winter season. Even the freezing cold air and slushy sidewalks fails to shut down our wonderful little city.

Last Friday evening, I joined some friends for an early dinner and on to the World Premiere opening of "Coming Home" by Athol Fugard, at the Long Wharf theatre. The lobby was filled as usual, but it was such fun saying "Hello" to friends as I made my way across the room to my seat.

Coming Home is Fugard's follow-up of his play Valley Song, revisiting the same characters 10 years later.The main character, Veronica, comes home to Nieu-Bethesda in order to make plans for her young son's future, knowing that aids will end her life soon. The sadness of the story is balanced by the humor & lovable character of Alfred, whom Veronica has chosen to be her husband and father for her son.

It was a wonderful performance and we all joined the cast & crew for a champagne celebration after.

So it really does not matter that the Mayor has imposed a parking ban and the snow continues to fall and freeze. Life in New Haven just moves indoors. Next week it will be the Symphony at Woolsey Hall; a lecture about Picasso at the Yale Art Gallery; the Exhibition Tour of,The Tea Culture of Japan; and I must not forget the Super Bowl (but I must confess I don't know who will be playing).

Monday mornings mean - back to reality. Yes, homes continue to sell and buyers continue to surf the web sites looking for the best values.

Remember, that as many people that have spent and lived beyond their means or lost their jobs - there are a lot of people who have not. These are the people who are now taking advantage of the the decreasing home values; low interest rates; buying larger homes for less money and they still have a job to go to come Monday morning.

For those who have their home for sale and no showings or offers, it's always the price. When a home is priced right, there is a good chance you will get multi offers. It really does happen, even in this market.

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