Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's Happening in New Haven....

Well, we all got our hopes up as the weather warmed up, the sun was shining and it was still light as I left the office at 6 PM. All hope for an early spring dissolved today as the rain turned to snow.

All is not lost because as I was leaving the office I noticed several batches of "Spring Ahead" & "Remember to turn your clocks ahead" post cards in the out going mail box. Those cards are a reminder that soon my car clock will be correct again. I never adjust it. I'm sure I have a manual somewhere. Occasionally one of the kids will re-set the clock; change my favorite radio station; adjust the drivers seat and then I don't know if I'm on time or late.

Rain or snow, life in New Haven continues to present a host of interesting opportunities. Last Sunday, I attended a concert at Woolsey Hall featuring the New Haven Chorale & several school musical groups. The pure sounds of children singing - I think is one of the most beautiful sounds ever. This was all for the support of St. Martin De Porres Academy.

Wednesday offered a free lecture on Darwin at the British Arts Museum and a tour of his works, both written & illustrations. A second lecture & Birthday cake was served at the Peabody Museum in celebration of Darwin's birthday.

Thursday my neighbors Arlene & Bob invited everyone in our court yard to a Birthday party for Abe Lincoln. The conversation centered around the one dollar bills & shiny pennies spread amongst' the deserts on the table (we all hoped they were party favors)and the freezing cold air outside.

Friday, as Chair person of the North End Club, I had the pleasure of introducing Donald Margulies, the world renown play-wright. He was a colossal success and charmed everyone present.

Back in the office, the agents are enjoying a surge of pent-up home sales. Multi offers on homes priced right are not uncommon. Notice that I said priced right.

I also hired 3 new agents this week. This is the perfect time to start a career in real estate. It allows time for the 60 hours of classes needed to obtain a state licence; complete our in house training; learn the workings of the office; spend time shadowing the successful agents; join the local Board of Realtors; and learn the computer programs for the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

If you enjoy working with people and need a flexible schedule, a real estate career is the answer. When the market cycles up again and it will be ready with good work habits and the confidence to succeed.

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